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Hype is more than just a brand. We’re a movement. Led by a former Formula 1® driver since 2000, we’re fuelled by passion, creativity and the grit to become the world’s most innovative functional product company.



What started as a legacy energy drink brand quickly evolved into a functional products company. Our premium European ingredients blow minds across the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, but we won’t stop there.
With our relentless commitment to innovation and making functional products accessible to everyone, we strive to ensure that every day is a good one, packed with thrilling and daring experiences. We never settle for anything less than inspiring change and through our story-driven approach, we’re ready to disrupt the game.


Our ethos is all about empowering our community to challenge the status quo by hacking the algorithm of their lives. We believe true freedom can only be achieved when individuals question the present, reject the norm and define their own path. Live unapologetically and without limits.


We advocate for the challenger spirit in everyone, driving a global revolution in energy and performance. Our intentions are simple: to elevate the taste and quality of functional drinks while catering to the ever-changing moods of our customers.

Our goal is nothing short of global dominance as the premier functional products brand. We lead by example, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver innovative goods with unique benefits and nutritional attributes to people everywhere.


Hype Energy’s rich history began in 1994, with the same visionaries behind the iconic Hard Rock Café. From its inception, the brand has been heavily involved in motorsports, sponsoring various teams, including Arrows Formula 1® team, Benetton F1, Williams F1 and of course the Racing Point F1 team as well as a Nascar team, and several motorbikes teams. With a strong foothold in the paddock, Hype Energy committed significant funds to sponsorship to expand its global reach and establish worldwide distribution.

As the brand continued to grow, it became synonymous with the high-octane lifestyle of Formula 1®, which only further cemented its place in the racing community in 1997, when F1 driver Bertrand Gachot signed a distribution deal with Hype to introduce the products in France. Bertrand Gachot transitioned from distributor to CEO in 2000, restructuring the brand by keeping four iconic products in the portfolio.

At Hype Energy, we take inspiration from our motorsports heritage and have crafted a range of innovative drinks that pay homage to the fast-paced nature of the racing scene. Our iconic can designs feature carbon fibre elements and a matte black lid, paired with bold colours and mind-blowing flavours that will take you from 0-100 real quick!

ADN Group Ltd is the official, exclusive and only national authorised distributor of Hype Energy Drinks in the UK. We supply Hype to retailers and wholesalers in England, Scotland & Wales 


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